Profit of FPC laser cutting machine

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1970-01-01 08:00

 Processing manufacturers turn their focus to laser technology. Profit is the primary problem of every investor. To use laser equipment for processing, for companies, the lack of understanding of profit is one point, and the other is the problem of management. Not enough, how much profit can the FPC laser cutting machine bring to the company in one year?

  1. Processing volume and Lu Run

  The processing time of an enterprise is usually not very fixed, that is, it needs to be processed when there is a need for processing, and the time is not fixed and it is flexible. If the main business volume is sufficient, companies can quickly recover costs. If the company's cost recovery is slower, some companies only make their own products, the processing volume is relatively small.

  2. The machine needs to calculate the overall cost

  General machinery has a service life, like a car has a scrap period, FPC laser cutting machine is also impossible to use all the time, generally a FPC laser cutting machine is used in 7-9 years. Enterprises can calculate the difference between the cost and labor cost after using the FPC laser cutting machine and before using it, remove the cost and calculate the change in profit after using the cutting machine.

  3. The cutting machine should meet its own needs

  A fast FPC laser cutting machine that is not necessarily expensive is good, this needs to be judged according to its own needs. The speed and cutting range of the high-power machine are much better, and of course the price is "good". Enterprises can choose the one that suits them according to their actual processing needs. It is not necessary to choose expensive ones. Only those that are suitable for use by enterprises are the best.

  In terms of results, how much profit the FPC laser cutting machine can bring to the enterprise or company is calculated from its own business volume + machine cost + equipment efficiency. The key is whether this FPC laser cutting machine is the equipment that you are in line with , "Just hit it," when you and the FPC laser cutting machine need each other, can only bring considerable profits.

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FPC laser cutting machine

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