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October 2018

Huizhou Zhongjing Electronics goes online for mass production with automatic gold brushing pretreatment

Zhuhai Jiesai Co., Ltd. and Zhuhai Chaoyi have started mass production of automatic steel plate production lines.

August 2018

May 2018

High-precision automatic heavy-duty plate grinders are mass-produced in Wuxi Shennan Circuit and Jiangxi Xinfeng Helitai.

Mass production of inner layer pre-treatment line in Zhuhai Yueya Substrate Packaging Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

October 2017

May 2017

0.036mm soft board eclipse line is mass produced in Jiangxi Red Board Co., Ltd.

Mass production of soft board sandblasting line and super-roughening line on Jiangxi Red Plate

August 2016

August 2016

The eclipse line for horizontal slag removal of flexible boards is mass-produced in Jiangxi Red Board Co., Ltd.

Mass production of automatic plate grinding machine at Taiwan Moonlight Co., Ltd. (semiconductor packaging substrate)

October 2015

August 2014

High-precision inner layer DES production line is mass-produced in Zhuhai Founder HDI Division

The inner layer pretreatment and browning line are mass produced in Zhuhai Founder.

November 2014

December 2013

Heavy-duty automatic grinder is mass-produced in Suzhou Agilent Electronics, Mutual Electronics, Changshu Jingpeng Electronics

Cooperated with Taiwan Gaobo to develop fully automatic precision plate grinding machine, soft board sandblasting machine

September 2012

June 2010

Established Foster Machinery Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen Shajing.

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