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Deburring (before sinking copper) processing line

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  • Product description
    • Commodity name: Deburring (before sinking copper) processing line
    • No: 001

    After material opening equipment: deburring, pre-processing copper sink, ultrasonic cleaning after grinding plate, ultra-high pressure water washing (100KG), completely remove sundries in the hole.

    Equipment after material opening: deburring, copper pre-treatment, ultrasonic cleaning after grinding, ultra-high pressure water washing (100KG), thoroughly remove impurities in the hole.

    Key words:
    • 毛刺
    • 彻底清除
    • 100kg
    • 设备
    • 处理
    • 超声波
    • 后设
    • 杂物
    • 超高压

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