Shenzhen FPC black hole line manufacturers on the characteristics of FPC and the basic structure of flexible circuit board

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1970-01-01 08:00

FPC is short for Flexible Printed Circuit board, Flexible Printed Circuit board, Flexible Printed Circuit board, Flexible Printed Circuit board or FPC. FPC is characterized by high wiring density, light weight, and thin thickness.

FPC flexible printed circuit based on polyimide or polyester film base material made of a kind of high reliability, excellent flexible printed circuit, has many advantages of rigid printed circuit board does not have her free bending, coiling, folding can be arbitrarily arranged in accordance with the spatial layout requirements, and move in a three-dimensional space and scale, This circuit can not only be bent at will, but also light weight, small volume, good heat dissipation performance, easy installation, breaking through the traditional concept of interconnection technology.

FPC can greatly reduce the volume of electronic products, suitable for resistance products to high-density, miniaturized, high reliability direction development needs, therefore, FPC in aerospace, military, mobile communications, consumer electronics, industrial control, medical and other fields of products have been widely used.

FPC black hole line flexible circuit board basic structure

In recent years, with the widespread popularity of mobile products such as smart phones and tablet computers, the flexible circuit board, which is not recognized by everyone originally, is also widely used, but many people do not know much about the structure of FPC.

From the combination of flexible circuit board base material and copper mooring, it can be roughly divided into flexible circuit board with glue and flexible circuit board without glue.

Non-glue type products. The price of glue-free flexible circuit board is much more expensive than that of glue-free material, mainly because the processing difficulty of glue-free base material is high and complex. In terms of performance, glue-free FPC is better than glue-free products in terms of bonding force between copper foil and substrate and flatness of pad, and its flexibility is also better than glue-free products.

Glue flexible circuit board although in some aspects slightly inferior to non-glue products, but because of its cheaper price, performance and non-glue products are not too different, general products are competent, so the market application of the vast majority of soft PCB or use glue material. Our company also mainly uses plastic material production, but each customer has different requirements, mainly according to the needs of customers to select materials.

With hard board same, soft board also cent single, double - sided, multi - layer board.

Single panel general structure is: covering film (PI)/ adhesive (ADH)/ copper platinum (CU)/ adhesive (ADH)/ substrate (PI), some special soft plate such as single-side double contact (different panel), single-side hollow board (also double-sided hollow circuit board) only a layer of copper platinum.

Double panel general structure: covering film (PI)/ adhesive (ADH)/ copper platinum (CU)/ adhesive (ADH)/ substrate (PI)/ adhesive (ADH)/ copper platinum (CU)/ adhesive (ADH)/ covering film (PI), another kind of layered flexible circuit board is in two single panels with adhesive bonding.

Multilayer soft board general structure: a plurality of single or double panels with adhesive combination.

The soft board of shenzhen FPC black hole line manufacturer is much more flexible than the traditional PCB hard board in structure. With the rapid development of science and technology, the soft board will involve more and more application fields, which will promote the development of the soft board market!


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