FPC Black Line process (Shadow)

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1970-01-01 08:00

Black shadow process is suitable for high-end FPC,5G products, high-end PFC mainstream process, increasingly adopted by high-end FPC manufacturers. At present, the market mainly represents the potion business: Maidemei, Le si. Shenzhen Feishida machinery equipment company and Maidemei company have successfully cooperated with many equipment, many companies in mass production.

Black Shadow method (Shadow) mainly uses Graphite (Graphite) as a conductive object. Due to the molecular structure of graphite, there are a large number of free electrons, so the conductivity of graphite is higher than that of ordinary carbon black. The electroplating speed is directly proportional to the conductive property of the coating, so the higher the conductive property of the coating, the faster the electroplating speed.

The Shadow Direct Metallization Process is simple and can be divided into five chemical cells:
(1) Clean/adjust the slot (Cleaner/Conditioner)
(2) Conductive Colloid
(3) Fixer
(4) Micro-etCH
(5) Anti-tarnish tank

The anti-oxidation tank is more selective, depending on the time of the production board and decide whether to need.

The Black shadow method has the Conveyor and Vertical production respectively, but due to the longer production time of the Vertical production, it is not as simple as the horizontal production, so the company strongly recommends the black Shadow horizontal transportation production to replace the current traditional copper sinking process.

Black shadow process chemicals
(1) Cleaner/Conditioner
Cleaning/holing agent is a slightly alkaline liquid that is used to clean pore wall surfaces and to be used as a holing agent to adjust the adsorption capacity of conductive colloids on glass fibers and epoxy resins.
(2) Conductive Colloid
Black shadow agent is a slightly alkaline liquid containing unique additives and conductive colloidal substances to form conductive layer on the hole wall.
(3) Fixer
Remove the excess shadow agent on the hole wall, so that the shadow conductive layer can be evenly distributed on the hole wall.
(4) Micro-etCH
The main components of microetching agent are sodium persulfate and sulfuric acid. The main function of microetching agent is to remove the dark shadow on the copper surface through side etching. Because the resin and glass fiber are inert, the microetching agent cannot remove the dark shadow from the sheet.
(5) Anti-tarnish
An oxidant is a slightly acidic liquid used to protect copper from oxidation

Dark shadow process: board entry + micro etching + washing + whole hole + dark shadow + fixing + washing + drying


FPC Black Line process (Shadow)

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