New etching potion automatic adding system mass production

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1970-01-01 08:00

Our company's latest research and development of automatic adding system grand appearance, respectively measure the proportion of etching potion, HCL, oxidant content, potion temperature, precise control, stable performance, convenient operation, time-saving maintenance, timely and convenient accessories supply, price concessions. Completely replace the current popular Japanese ACS-711 and ACS-911 products. It has been used by dozens of mainstream listed companies, and more than 200 systems are in stable use

1) Hydrometer sensor (S.G sensor): floating wave type (potential energy → electric energy)

When the content of copper ions in the liquid increases or decreases, the buoyancy of the liquid will also increase or decrease. The change of buoyancy will make the floating ball with a certain weight rise or fall, and the position of the floating ball will change. When the specific gravity reaches the set value, the float sensor will convert its potential energy change into a telephone number and transmit it to the controller. The controller will judge the specific gravity of liquid medicine according to the telephone number and add tap water to control the specific gravity.

2. Hydrochloric acid sensor (HCL sensor): electromagnetic (electric energy + kinetic energy → electric energy)

According to the principle of electromagnetic induction, when an electric current passes through the sensor coil, a magnetic beam (magnetic field lines) is created. The magnetic beam will generate a certain proportional current according to the concentration of hydrochloric acid ion in the solution, and then the change of the current is numerical, and converted into a telecommunications signal to the controller, the controller according to the electrical signal to judge whether the concentration of hydrochloric acid ion in the solution is normal, and control the addition of hydrochloric acid.

Another temperature sensor hidden in hydrochloric acid sensor, used to detect the temperature of liquid medicine.

3. Oxidant sensor (NACLO3sensor): electrolytic (electric energy → electric energy)

● H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) concept and determination principle

Hydrogen peroxide is very oxidizing and can increase the etching speed in the process of oxidizing cuprous chloride to cuprous chloride, which plays a very important role as a regenerating agent. Although, oxygen in the air will also produce regeneration reaction, but, once the production increases, the regeneration rate of oxygen is too late, so in order to promote the etching speed, as an oxidant hydrogen peroxide is indispensable. Hydrogen peroxide sensor, hydrogen peroxide is used as the promoter of etching solution regeneration reaction. Appropriate control under small requirements

Of etch solution concentration. With the stabilization of etching speed and the reduction of usage, the quality can be greatly improved and the cost reduced. Objective: To take "how to use small amount of hydrogen peroxide to manage the quality of liquid medicine" as reference quantity.

Based on this reference, the regeneration controller is not to manage hydrogen peroxide, but to detect the etching ability of etching solution; On the one hand, less hydrogen peroxide is used to supplement the insufficient part of oxygen (O2) regeneration in etching solution, on the other hand, to maintain the stability of etching production.


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