What are the common PCB boards?

At present, the common PCB board manufacturing materials on our market mainly include insulating materials, metallic copper and solder.

What are the major requirements for the technical characteristics of backlit FPC black hole plate

1. Backlight FPC black hole plate surface indentation device, including feeding roller (1), calendering device (2), cleaning device (3), cutting equipment (4) and oven (5), which is characterized in: The feeding roller (1) bottom through the support rod and the fixed plate (7) is connected, the fixed plate (7) is provided with cutting equipment (4) and the conveyor belt (8), cutting equipment (4) and the fixed plate (7) is fixedly connected, the conveyor belt (8) one end is arranged in the cutting equipment (4) internal, the conveyor belt (8) bottom through the connecting rod and the ground connection, The lower part of the conveyor belt (8) is provided with an oven (5), the oven (5) is connected with the connecting rod through the crossbar, the lower part of the oven (5) is provided with a storage room (9), the feeding roller (1) is provided with a calendering device (2), feeding roller (1) and calendering device (2) is connected through copper plate (6), the calendering device (2) is provided with a cleaning device (3), The calendering device (2) is connected with the cleaning device (3) through the copper plate (6), and the cleaning device (3) is connected with the cutting equipment (4) through the copper plate (6).

The company's equipment, environment, technology comprehensive upgrade

Our company specializes in the production of PCB, PFPC horizontal line, due to our company's business volume increased, according to the production needs and customer needs, the production workshop and business office comprehensive decoration. And in Wuxi city and Kunshan city to set up service points, welcome people to join our team. Allows you to have an unexpected learning environment and knowledge skills enhancement!
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