Full automatic high precision multi-functional grinding machine

Our company design automatic high precision grinding brush machine, suitable for HDI resin hole grinding plate, copper reduction grinding plate, line pretreatment, welding pretreatment, belongs to the multi-function grinding machine, Japan imported Mitsubishi private server motor and controller, Japan imported high-precision screw, Japan imported high-precision slider. Precision controlled 0.01mm, automatic brush adjustment function, automatic thickness measurement function, automatic start of the brush from the plate to the plate, automatic brush lifting function of the plate head and tail, automatic brush adjustment function, automatic alarm function of brush loss. To reach the industry advanced grinding machine level.

Wide duplex horizontal equipment

My company research and development of wide and large output of equipment. According to customer environmental protection requirements and site requirements, the customer can reduce costs, large output, do not increase the site, the number of equipment limited by environmental protection of the customer, design wide equipment. It puts two or four plates at the same time, at the same speed as usual but with twice the output. Save water, electricity and labor. The environmental protection registered workshop can only put 1 piece of equipment, and the capacity needs to be increased, so it can only use this double-column output equipment. The same number of pumps and circulating pumps can maximize the use of power and get twice the result with half the effort. That is, two devices use the resources of one device.
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