FPC black hole circuit board factory copper foil test and acceptance method

Qualified raw materials are very important for electronic manufacturers, so as one of the main base materials of FPC black hole wire manufacturers, the inspection of copper foil is even more important. Its quality testing and acceptance methods are as follows, worth your collection and reference.

Comprehensive intelligent automatic production, to fill the hole of intelligent production

At present, many PCB manufacturers have bought into the ranks of industry 4.0, greatly promoting the connection of a variety of equipment to save people, various equipment parameters into MES system, convenient management, greatly improving the quality and output. But the continuous production of equipment, equipment maintenance is also not negligible. Due to automation, unmanned workshop, the number of operators is relatively small, no manpower maintenance.

Advantages of horizontal sunk copper wire

With the continuous development of society and the continuous progress of all kinds of industries, industrial production equipment on the original basis of continuous innovation. Circuit board processing equipment, for example, the traditional circuit board processing not only requires a lot of manual labor, and often will form a large amount of wastewater and waste gas containing metal ions, a big damage to the environment, water resources and affect worker's health will also, so no matter in what ways, We are in urgent need of a horizontal sunk copper wire process to meet the needs of people.
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