Profit of FPC laser cutting machine

Processing manufacturers turn their focus to laser technology. Profit is the primary problem of every investor.

What are the common PCB boards?

At present, the common PCB board manufacturing materials on our market mainly include insulating materials, metallic copper and solder.

The manufacturing method of backlight FPC black hole plate surface indentation device is described

FPC black hole line is a highly reliable and flexible printed circuit board made of polyimide or polyester film. With the high density of wiring, light weight, thin thickness, good sex of bending characteristic in the process of production, in order to prevent open and short circuit caused low yield or reduce drilling, rolling, cutting and rough process problems and cause of FPC, feeding line board scrap, the black hole, and to assess how to use the best material to meet customer effect of the flexible circuit board, Prenatal preconditioning is particularly important. The thickness of the copper plate used in the traditional FPC is thick, which can not effectively conduct the information and will increase the volume of the circuit board. Moreover, in the process of traditional FPC production, there will be indentation on the board, but it can not effectively deal with the indentation, which seriously affects the appearance of the board. Therefore, we design a new backlight FPC black hole plate surface indentation device, to solve the traditional backlight FPC black hole plate surface indentation device is inconvenient to use.